Why is this man always smiling? Is it because he believes that the public is there for fleecing, that he can increase your taxes, lie about doing it, and still get elected so he can plunder state coffers to repay the special interests that elected him?

If Ken Miller will lie about his voting record during a campaign, saying he never voted for a tax increase when in fact he authored and guided many through the process to become law, what else will he lie about if he becomes State Treasurer?

The Treasurers office is used by the Democrats and the Republicans to reward the special interests and political cronies with sweetheart deals and tax credits. There is no way we can trust Ken Miller in the State Treasurers office if the House and Senate is controlled by the Republicans, if the Governor is a Republican or if the Auditor is a Republican. It would be much safer to elect the Democratic candidate for the State Treasurers slot than to elect a notorious liar.

Sure, it was a political campaign, they do stretch the truth a bit, fluff up the old resume so to speak. But are we going to allow a politician to outright lie about his voting record?

Miller said he had never supported a tax increase during his campaign.
Here is a video of JC Watts repeating the claim.

When we challenged Ken Miller during the campaign about his voting record,
he said this in his email and posted it on his website.

“Their most ridiculous assertion is that I authored and supported a tax increase bill, which I voted against – the health-care tax that is currently in the news. The fact is I was the first member of Republican leadership to publicly speak out against the tax increase.”

So we said he authored and voted for the Health Care Benefits tax increase and he says he publicly spoke out against it and avoids saying if he actually authored it or not. That is a pretty simple case from both sides, so let’s let the facts speak to the truth.

First, here is a short article on the Ken Miller Health Care Benefit tax.

If you want to drill down deeper into the facts, keep reading.

On 2/1/2010 Ken Miller is shown as the author of HB 2359, which increased revenue by $74,226,000 by cracking down on use taxes, raising fees.

Here are the voting records from several tax increases that Miller authored. Click on “Full Screen” in the document header and you can scroll through the House Documents that PROVE that Ken Miller is a bald face liar
Ken Miller is responsible for REVENUE INCREASE OF $70.6 MILLION!! “Irrefutable”

First is his vote on HB 3032, the gross production tax increase at 3:29 on 5/28/10
Next is HB 2359 which increased Use Tax collection by $70.6 million dollars
Then at 2:11 on 5/28/10 Miller put Guy Liebman in as author of the bill, moving himself to co author where he could still control the bill and push it through.
Before this, at 1:45 pm Miller had signed a document sending this bill to the Senate for approval
At 3:33 Ken Miller votes for the health care benefit tax
At 3:37 and 3:40 Miller misses a vote against the bill that he authored and still co authored.
At 3:45 Ken Miller is excused from voting on the bill
At 3:48 Ken Miller is excused again from voting on the bill
The Health Care Benefit tax was HB 2437, authored by Miller on 2/1/10 , but given to Doug Cox on 5/21/10 (again, use the Basic Search Form to find the bill) There was once a video where you could hear Cox admit it is a tax and they need 75 votes to avoid a court challenge. Look for the block of time labeled HB 2437 at 7:38 into the entire video. It is also the last billl on that video.
Ken Miller promptly voted against the bill that very same day at 5:52 pm and again at 6:49 pm
And at 3:33 pm on 5/28/10 Ken Miller voted for the bill then voted against the bill at 6:52 pm and again at 6:56 pm but was excused at 7:04 pm and 7:09 pm from voting against the bill.
Then he voted against the bill again at 7:16 pm

You can even watch Ken Miller’s stand in Rep. Jeff Hickman argue for HB 2359. Note that the author has switched to Rep Guy Liebman. Look for slide #46; it will say HB2359. Part of the bill applies pressure on internet vendors websites warning consumers about Oklahoma’s Use Tax hoping to scare Oklahoma consumers into paying the tax on out-of-state purchases. Hear the Republican Representatives make the point that Oklahoma is missing out on hundreds of millions of tax dollars from not enforcing the Use Tax! They want your money … they don’t want to cut the size of the state government. The bill also vastly increases taxes on vending machines.

Makes your head spin, doesn’t it? The guy was shepherding the bill through the legislature but votes against his own bill? And we aren’t the only ones that have found this to be the truth.

Did Ken Miller Author the Health Care Tax?

Jack Dake, Chairman of an Oklahoma conservative group allegedly had this to say in a personal email that has been widely forwarded throughout the Tea Party community. It is important to state that it appears that this is Mr. Dake’s personal opinion not that of the organization he leads as it was not directly from that organization. There is some controversy over whether or not the email was supposed to be released or not. Has Mr. Dake been pressured to surpress the information or did a trusted associate betray him unwittingly? We are asking for a copy of the entire email rather than the quotes which we found online at a respected blog site.

“Miller is solely responsible for the TAX/REVENUE/FEE increase, or rose by any other name he calls it. In my opinion it is dishonest for Ken Miller to claim he never ‘authored a TAX increase”

Mr. Dake is the past chairman of the Cleveland County Republican committee, so it is refreshing to see the integrity and courage it took for a GOP insider to make a stand on Ken Miller’s deceitful campaign rhetoric. This is the kind of leadership the GOP needs to embrace if it expects to bring in the Tea Party crowd.

You can even listen to Miller attempt to defend his spending! Watch Ken Miller defend his unconstitutional budget SB 1561, fending off attacks by Representative Mike Reynolds! Look for slide #32 around 6 minutes into the video. Miller has to admit that their budget is 1.2 billion dollars more than they are authorized to appropriate by law! Miller claims stimulus funds and Rainy Day funds are available but the emergency clauses haven’t been passed yet. Miller admits that the $50,000,000 that InsureNet is supposed to add to the budget is not available. Indeed the program wasn’t even implemented! It also turns out there is not a copy of the bill available for the Representatives to read before voting nor was one posted on the website as required. A long silence occurs while they find a copy. The Oklahoma Arts Council got almost $5,000,000, the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority got almost $500,000 , Oklahoma Human Rights Commission got over $500,000… some cut-to-the bone budget, huh?

Or take a look at a blog site that Ken Miller claims supports his version of the facts. In fact they did at one point but printed this clarification and while they didn’t have the integrity to do an outright retraction, they made it clear that Miller voted yes at 3:33 pm and no at 3:37 pm then refuses to vote at all at 3:47!

The facts are very clear. Ken Miller authored tax increases, shepherded them through the legislature, and voted yes until the very end when he had his name stripped from the bills and then voted against them.

Is that not the most underhanded, deceitful thing you have ever seen? Now, what are you going to do about it?

The Oklahoma Tea Party PAC will be campaigning against Ken Miller, to expose his dishonesty and lack of integrity. Electing him to the state Treasurers office is an important part of the RINO Republican agenda. Most of us are Republicans too, we just don’t like lying Republicans that first steal from us and then plunder the state coffers.